• Happy Spring Festival
    Happy Spring Festival
    • January 26, 2022

    Spring Festival is the Chinese Lunar New Year. The Spring Festival has a long history and evolved from the prayers for the beginning of the year in ancient times. In modern times, people set the Spring Festival on the first day of the first lunar month, but generally it will not end until at least the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The Spring Festival is a folk festival that integrates worshiping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits, reuniting relatives and friends, celebrating entertainment and eating. The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Influenced by Chinese culture, some countries and regions in the world also have the custom of celebrating Chinese New Year.

  • Who Invented the Flush Toilet?
    Who Invented the Flush Toilet?
    • January 20, 2022

    At the heart of today's modern bathrooms, the flush toilet is equally rooted in ancient hygiene practices, Elizabethan politics and technology from the Industrial Revolution. Primitive toilets that use a steady stream of water to carry away waste date back at least 5,000 years, and early toilet systems were used by several ancient civilizations, including the Romans and the Indus Valley. In 1596, Sir John Harington in England described the first modern flush toilet. Harington's installation required a 2-foot-deep oval bowl, waterproofed with bitumen, resin, and wax, and fed by an upstairs cistern. It takes 7.5 gallons of water to flush Harington's pot—a veritable torrent in the days before indoor plumbing. In 1775, Scottish inventor Alexander Cumming received the first patent for a flush toilet. His biggest innovation was the S-shaped pipe under the toilet, which used water to create a seal that prevented sewer gas from entering through the toilet. In the late 1800s, a London plumbing manager named Thomas Crapper built one of the first widely successful lines of flush toilets. Crapper didn't invent the toilet, but he did develop the ball valve, an improved cistern filling device that is still used in toilets today.

  • 2022 Buying Guide
    2022 Buying Guide
    • January 13, 2022

    1. Integrated Bidet Seat E402 E402 offers ultimate flexibility for your toileting experience. Sleek design with practical functions like warm water massage, drying, deodorization, night lights etc... 2. Shower Seat F187 This is a Folding wall-mount shower seat specially designed for places with limited space. Also, it is made from highest quality materials to ensure highest possible levels of safety, stability and support. 3. Electric Toilet Booster L002-000 Oceanwell has invested a lot in this industry and bring out the electronic toilet booster, a sublimely efficient care product. The purpose is singular, the opeartion is clean- to be a supporting system for one's diffiuclty in getting up from the toilet. Two button controls the sloping rise and fall, equipped with adjustable armrest and backrest, even more intellignet if combined with smart toilet seat, it could be so reliable a companion for anyone who is troubling about this daily issue. 4. Concealed Flushing Cistern CJ805 CJ805 cabinet cistern complete with deluxe aluminum finish and embeded with sensor capacitive module offers a bright neutrality that blends seamlessly in with any subtle details of the bathroom surrounding. And there are hands-free sensor version and classic pneumatic version to choose from. Welcome to your purchase

  • Laba Festival
    Laba Festival
    • January 06, 2022

    The most important festival of the twelfth lunar month is the eighth day of December. It was called "La Ri" in ancient times and commonly known as "Laba Festival". Starting from the pre-Qin period, the Laba Festival has been used to worship ancestors and gods, praying for a good harvest and auspiciousness. There is a custom of eating Laba porridge on this day. Laba porridge is also called " Seven Treasures and five Flavors porridge". The history of drinking Laba porridge in our country has been over a thousand years. It first started in the Song Dynasty. Every Laba day, whether it is the imperial court, government, monastery or ordinary people's homes, they will cook Laba porridge. On Laba this day, in addition to worshiping the ancestors and worshipping the gods, there are also mourning for the country's death and pinning grief.

  • New Year's Day
    New Year's Day
    • December 29, 2021

    New Year's Day, also simply called New Year, is observed on 1 January. In China, New Year's Day is called "元旦 (yuándàn)". "元 (yuán)" means beginning, and many things that happen first are called "元 (yuán)". For example, in ancient China, "状元 (zhuàngyuan)" was the scholar who ranked first in the imperial examination (now the civil service examination). "旦 (dàn)" is a hieroglyph, the upper "日 (rì)" represents the sun, and the lower "一 (yī)” represents the horizon. Therefore, “旦 (dàn)” means that the sun rises slowly from the horizon, heralding the beginning of a new day. Therefore, the combination of these two words, “元旦 (yuándàn),” is Refers to the first day of the new year. On the occasion of this festive season, Oceanwell wishes you a happy New Year's Day.

  • Happy winter solstice
    Happy winter solstice
    • December 22, 2021

    The winter solstice is between December 21st and 23rd of the Gregorian calendar every year. The winter solstice is one of the most important days of the year, a day for family togetherness. On this day, people in the northern part of China will eat dumplings, and there is a saying that references this custom. People in southern China will make and eat tangyuan, or rice dumplings, to symbolize the reunion of family. Oceanwell wish you stay warm and healthy, and good luck in the new coming year. Happy winter solstice.

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