• World Toilet Day 2022: Let's Take Action
    World Toilet Day 2022: Let's Take Action
    • November 30, 2022

    World Toilet Day is observed every year on November 19 to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable sanitation to keep people healthy. This year, the theme is "Let’s make the invisible visible." There is a high risk of having a urinary tract infection (UTI) after using a public washroom. An unclean toilet can infect the environment around it making it unsafe for anyone using it. On this occasion, we at Oceanwell, would like to share some toilet hygiene tips to help you prevent infections. 1. Wipe the toilet seat and surrounding area with an antibacterial wipe before using it. 2. If you are using a western commode, always flush with the lid closed. 3. Make sure to flush the toilet after you use it and wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Door knobs carry the most amount of germs so always use tissue paper before touching a public toilet door knob or handle. 4. Always throw used tissue and sanitary waste inside the dustbin. Make sure to dispose of your used sanitary waste in a proper way. While spreading the message of safer sanitation, looking after the toilets, water conservation should not be overlooked. It’s not news that traditional toilets waste tons of water. If you have a high-gallon-per-flush WC, it’s time to replace it with one that works more efficiently. One should make sure to opt for one that lets you choose between two flushing options, eventually saving more water than that is being used. Oceanwell has a series of energy-saving and environmentally friendly toilets for you to choose from, welcome to consult.

  • Autumn Camping For Staff
    Autumn Camping For Staff
    • November 23, 2022

    You may have to endure whatever come may, only don’t forget songs and lands far away! There is more to work than the daily ritual of two points, there is also the team-building activities. In an effort to create a passionate, responsible and joyous working atmosphere, enhance the cohesiveness of working partners, regulate work pressure and enable staff to better commit to their next work, on November 18, in the breezy and beautiful Haicang Hot Spring Campsite, Oceanwell organised a group building activity - Autumn Camping, allowing staff to leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, run in the lawn and enjoy the grace of nature. The breeze was mild and the sun shone brightly on the autumn afternoon. You may be working seriously or with a frown on your face, but after work, let's turn on your leisure and entertainment with one click. Whether it was the hula hoop, the track ball or the paper cups with balloons, all of us enjoyed the games and strengthened our friendship. In the afterglow, we were treated to soothing music, a hands-on experience of boiling eggs in the hot spring, a sumptuous dessert and tea break, and chatting with our partners. As night approached, the lawn was lit up with lights, and with the cool evening air, we watched an open-air movie with a large curtain, warm chandeliers, comfortable lazy seats and cocktails to release the stress of life. It's said that if life lacks hope, it's because the grill isn't hot enough. The barbecue is a 0. 5 times slower moment of delight, a delicious and tempting barbecue with a beverage and a sip of wine is a great way to enjoy your life. The best way to live is to run together with a group of like-minded people on the ideal road, a small gathering of colleagues, a trip to the mountains and water, the privilege of meeting is good, together is the team. This group trip to embrace nature is a short break and a momentum builder, allowing everyone to relax physically and mentally after a busy day at work, enhancing team cohesion and team integration, as well as improving the familiarity and collaboration between teams. In the new journey, we will continue to create a wonderful chapter of unlimited vitality belonging to our Oceanwell family.

  • The History of the Bidet
    The History of the Bidet
    • November 16, 2022

    Bathrooms were pretty bad before bidets came along. It is said that the ancient Greeks used small pieces of clay or stones to cleanse after convenience. The ancient Romans cleaned by using a sponge on a long stick. The only downside is that sponges are shared by the entire community. Sometime around 1391, a Chinese Song Dynasty emperor produced several large sheets of paper, which he ordered were placed in the bathroom for cleaning. As far as historians know, the bidet was a French invention. Pioneered by French furniture makers in the late 17th century, the bidet is the grown-up version of the chamber pot, or bourdaloue. The word bidet comes from a French word meaning "pony". The first bidet was pretty much just a bowl of water on a sturdy wooden bench. People would squat in front of these original bidets and wash by hand. Over the next few decades, the original bidet became more advanced, featuring a hand pump that sprayed water. With the advent of plumbing, the bidet became a convenient appliance with a nozzle and integrated sprayer. The first written reference to a bidet appeared in Italy in 1726. Around the second half of the 18th century, Maria Carolina of Austria, Queen of Naples and Sicily, reportedly requested the use of bidets in the bathrooms of the royal palace. It wasn't until the end of World War II that such bidets became popular throughout Italy. American soldiers kept seeing bidets in European brothels, which led to the misconception that bidets were an immoral tool rather than just a good way to keep ass clean. In the United States, the construction of the modern bidet owes much to the Japanese, who took the traditional bidet and improved upon it in the years after World War II. Their masterpiece eventually became the bidet toilet seat. While it's difficult to trace the exact origin of the integrated bidet toilet seat, most bidet experts believe it was invented in Switzerland. Once there was an original prototype, the Japanese bought the patent (the modern Toto) and set about improving it. These Japanese planners combine the style of an American toilet with the cleaning power of a bidet. The end result is a ceramic toilet complete with a toilet seat that offers retractable cleaning jets, controls, dryer, and many other features. Since the Japanese introduced bidet toilet seats to the United States around 1981, the popularity of bidets has spread across Asia. Aside from the ease of installation and all the integral features of heating and cleaning, bidet toilet seats have very meaningful health and environmental benefits. Welcome to Oceanwell official website to buy electric bidet seat.

  • Treat Yourself to More Eco-Friendly Hygiene with a Smart, Heated Bidet Toilet Seat
    Treat Yourself to More Eco-Friendly Hygiene with a Smart, Heated Bidet Toilet Seat
    • November 09, 2022

    Entrepreneurs are all about efficiency so why shouldn't that extend to your personal hygiene? Every year, more than three million tons of toilet paper are used and flushed down the drain in the US alone. (That's 54 million trees!) That's not very practical or efficient, now is it? So perhaps it's time to make a positive change for your body and the world. The Aim to Wash! Smart Toilet Seat is a more eco-friendly and more sanitary way to clean up after you go. The simple bidet design reinvents your toilet with ease. With a dual nozzle, you can wash with warm water rather than wiping every time. Not only that, but you'll also be more comfortable while you do it, thanks to an adjustable seat temperature that's always ready for you. One knob controls the temperature of the water and seat, one knob activates the rear cleansing, feminine frontal wash, and the air dryer that can make you completely dry in as little as 30 seconds. It's even got an adjustable LED toilet night light so you can find your way safely to the bathroom in the dead of night. Each of the nozzles automatically washes itself before and after each use, utilizing an endless supply of hot water through a patented tank-less design. That way, you reuse water and dramatically reduce the amount of paper you consume in the bathroom every day. It's the eco-friendly way to clean yourself up and go about your day more efficiently than ever. Treat yourself to something extra nice every time you go. For a limited time, you can get the cozy experience.

  • Direct Flushing Technology is the Way Forward for Public Toilets
    Direct Flushing Technology is the Way Forward for Public Toilets
    • November 02, 2022

    Cistern-style toilets are common in public restrooms and are usually designed for domestic use. The initial investment may seem low, however they are often made of plastic parts that cannot withstand intensive use. The cistern flush mechanism relies on water stored in the tank to clean the toilet. However, anyone who has ever lifted a cistern lid will know that scale and biofilm (a film on the inside of pipes) can build up over time, affecting seals and causing often undetected leaks. Maintaining a large number of toilets is expensive and time-consuming, even when leaks are detected quickly. Mechanics can be difficult to access, and parts wear out quickly with frequent use, requiring more regular servicing. A direct flush mechanism connects directly to the water supply and uses system pressure to flush the toilet; no reservoir is required. The flush mechanism has an integrated stopcock so that the filter element can be removed, serviced and/or replaced without shutting off the water supply. Since these mechanisms are designed for intensive use, they have a relatively long lifespan. Although they are more expensive, they are more cost-effective due to their low maintenance and long lifespan. The direct flush technology eliminates any standing water, and the electronic flush mechanism provides a duty flush to prevent bacterial build-up. Some electronic direct flush valves have an intelligent flush system that recognizes the duration of use and flushes accordingly. They are also available in an eco setting, reducing the length of the flush, which equates to less flush volume, to prevent waste. The direct flush valve is vandal resistant to prevent abuse. In addition to the wear-resistant mechanism, some have an anti-blocking mechanism that flushes once the button is released. Flush systems offer a sustainable alternative to cistern toilets. They will pay long-term dividends in terms of sustainability, improved hygiene and low maintenance.

  • Oceanwell staff actively engaged in the workplace management capacity enhancement seminar
    Oceanwell staff actively engaged in the workplace management capacity enhancement seminar
    • October 26, 2022

    In order to continuously improve the professionalism of the staff, in the afternoon of 21 October, under the guidance of the Haicang District Federation of Trade Unions, social workers from the Staff House went to Oceanwell Company to conduct a lecture on the improvement of workplace management skills. A well-known lecturer from Xiamen was invited to give the lecture, and a total of more than 50 employees attended. Mrs. Lin changed the traditional way of lecturing and adopted an interactive approach of question and answer with the staff on the spot, explaining and demonstrating the professional image, grooming, sitting posture and daily language of the staff in the office. Mrs. Lin focused on communication etiquette in the workplace. In workplace communication, we need to put ourselves in others' shoes and be adept at praising others. The Chinese language is diverse, and communicating more often in a complimentary way not only helps we to get along with colleagues but also makes us feel pleasant to each other. For instance, when you have a disagreement with a colleague, you can try to first affirm his views, praise him for actively contributing to the work, and then gently put forward your own opinions. This is because when you give people more time and opportunity to express themselves, it is also easier to get closer to them and gain their favour. During the one-and-a-half-hour training, Mrs. Lin interacted with the staff with humorous language and laughter was heard from time to time. The staff acquired the details of etiquette that they should pay attention to in different occasions in a relaxed atmosphere. The lecture enabled the staff to learn the connotation and key points , adjust their mindset and thoughts , and master the ways and means of interpersonal communication, cope with interpersonal conflicts at work scientifically, and maintain a stable and harmonious inner state, thus facilitating the enhancement of personal quality and professionalism, as well as prompting the advancement of corporate culture.

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