• Oceanwell New Employee Orientation Training
    Oceanwell New Employee Orientation Training
    • July 06, 2022

    Oceanwell has always attached great importance to the orientation training of new employees. On July 1st, Oceanwell conducted training for the new employees who arrived at the end of June. First of all, colleagues from the personnel department introduced the company's corporate culture, welfare, and management system, etc. Then colleagues from the Administration Department introduced the gate entry and exit management, and accommodation management regulations. Oceanwell has always put the safety of its employees first. So colleagues from the Safety Committee conducted company-level safety education and training for new employees. Through this training, new employees have a better understanding of the company's situation, dormitory regulations, safety production knowledge, etc., which is of great help to the follow-up work !

  • Oceanwell June Fire Drill
    Oceanwell June Fire Drill
    • June 29, 2022

    In order to help the company's employees safely respond to possible fires and protect employees' lives and property, Oceanwell held an annual fire drill on June 24 last Friday. Company gives advance notice before the fire drill to ensure that all employees can participate in the fire drill. Announcing drills ahead of time prevents panic and undue fear, so people can practice fire drill procedures with awareness and cooperation. After hearing the fire alarm, everyone evacuated the building according to the previously communicated fire evacuation plan and arrived at the planned open space. Later, the head of the company's security team also demonstrated how to use fire extinguishers and water guns correctly and efficiently. By scheduling regular fire drills and training, employees can act quickly and safely. So companies can plan this kind of organized emergency response and better prevent injury or loss of life.

  • Three Flush Functions to Look for in a New Toilet
    Three Flush Functions to Look for in a New Toilet
    • June 15, 2022

    Many homeowners focus on the aesthetics and comfort of the toilet when purchasing a new toilet, but forget the most important factor: flushing. When shopping for a new toilet, look for these flush features to improve your toilet's performance. Tower Flush Valve Older toilets have baffles. These rubber stoppers cover the drain holes in the toilet cistern. When the handle is depressed, the flap lifts up and releases the water. Tower flush valve allows water to flow 360 degrees out of the cistern for faster, more powerful flushes. Pressure Assisted Flushing Pressure-assisted flushing systems use a mixture of water and pressurized air to complete each flush. Because pressurized air helps increase water flow during flushing, you need less water to remove waste. A pressure-assisted toilet requires a smaller cistern, which leaves more room in your bathroom for other useful fixtures. Dual Flush Controlling flushes with a dual flush system allows you to use less water without sacrificing toilet functionality. Choosing a toilet with the correct flush will ensure you can remove waste efficiently while minimizing water usage over time.

  • Technology in the Bathroom: How Technology Will Shape Your Bathroom Remodel
    Technology in the Bathroom: How Technology Will Shape Your Bathroom Remodel
    • June 08, 2022

    For many of us, the bathroom has become a place of relaxation. If you've decided your bathroom needs a makeover, go a little darker than paint. New fixtures with new technology will not only have an aesthetic impact on your space, but will even lead to a better experience with every use. The pandemic has affected not only the time we spend in the bathroom, but also our focus on hygiene. We've all learned recently about the importance of contactless. Hands-free motion sensor faucets will slowly become the norm in bathrooms. Even soap dispensers are getting smarter these days. Don't spoil your beautifully designed vanity and sink with an ugly plastic bottle of soap next to the faucet. Automatic soap dispensers create a sleek and modern look, and also reduce waste from heavy sprays of soap and plastic bottles that get thrown away after a week or two of use. The touchless feature also makes them more hygienic than soap bars or pump bottles. Designing a bathroom remodel around a smart toilet is an investment in your health and ensures that you will upgrade your toilet as your other smart appliances slowly integrate and connect. With these toilets, flushing becomes touchless. The toilet lid opens and closes on its own, and there's even a built-in night light to guide guests in the right direction late at night. What's more, a bidet has several immediate benefits to your health. Invest in your health while investing in creating a space you will enjoy for years to come.

  • Is there a standardized toilet size?
    Is there a standardized toilet size?
    • June 01, 2022

    Many of the customer's questions focus on compatibility. Most toilets are classified as round or elongated. These toilet shapes come in standard sizes, making it easier to find the right bidet seat or bidet attachment. Typically, standard toilet sizes will meet the following ranges: Toilet Height (measured from floor to top of tank): 29 to 31 inches (73 cm to 79 cm). Toilet width (measured from the widest point when viewed from the front): 14 to 16 inches (35 cm to 40 cm). Height to seat (measured from floor to top of toilet seat): 16 to 17 inches (40 cm to 43 cm). Depth (measured from front of toilet to back of tank): 28 to 32 inches (71 cm to 81 cm) Extended toilets are larger than round toilets and are considered more comfortable. Elongated toilets are usually easy to spot when viewed from above.To confirm your toilet size, measure the distance from the toilet seat bolt to the front of the toilet. Extended toilets measure 18.5 inches or 470 mm. The benefit of a round toilet is a slightly smaller footprint, saving valuable space in smaller bathrooms. Round toilets don't look perfect, but they're easy to identify by specific front-to-back measurements. A round toilet measures 16.5 inches or 419 mm, measured from the toilet seat bolt to the front of the toilet.

  • how can a raised toilet seat help?
    how can a raised toilet seat help?
    • May 25, 2022

    For our older loved ones, going to the toilet can be one of those daunting tasks. Unfortunately, with age comes mobility issues. A raised toilet seat can be a practical addition to the bathroom as it helps make it easier to sit or stand up from the toilet. A raised toilet seat - also known as a toilet seat lifter - is a bathroom device that provides solutions to common difficulties faced by older adults: Lack of strength to properly sit on or stand off the toilet. Stay steady while standing. Inability to bend knees too far to sit on the toilet It can also help pregnant women feel pain when bending. It is also convenient for getting on and off the toilet for users with limited mobility (injury or after surgery). If you want to buy a raised toilet seat, please visit the official website of Oceanwell. Thanks to its soft contoured surface, it is comfortable to use and easy to clean. They are easy to install and remove, safe and reliable. This is the perfect device for seniors.

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