• Happy Chinese New Year
    Happy Chinese New Year
    • February 06, 2021

    Dear our valued customer: How a nice day!The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming.We will have a vacation from February 7th to February 16th,If you have something you can send us by E-mail or by Whatsapp directly. 2020 has been a tough year. COVID-19 has a huge impact on all of our lives. There are many heart-warming times this year. Thank you for all our customer's support and warm wishes for a safe and strong business 2021 together! Best regards to you and your family.

  • Oceanwell Upgrade Production Automation in 2020
    Oceanwell Upgrade Production Automation in 2020
    • December 14, 2020

    Oceanwell as a pure ODM,OEM and IDM manufacturer in the sanitary field,Oceanwell has been offering different sanitary solutions with toilet seat,cistern,bidet and various spare parts to branding sanitary-ware companies for over 16 years.In 2020,we upgrade the automatic production to improve the production efficiency. 1.UF Toilet Seat Automation 2.PP Toilet Seat  Automation 3.Damper Automation Every year,Oceanwell put much resource in developing technologies and upgrade the automatic production. So far we have got more than 150 patents of our own, covering all toilet seats, concealed flushing systems, shower systems.

  • Oceanwell Sports meeting
    Oceanwell Sports meeting
    • October 16, 2020

    Last week, Oceanwell successfully hosted an interesting sports competition. Competitions include basketball games, tug-of-war games, running, rope skipping, etc. The Olympic Games enhanced the physical fitness of employees, enhanced team cohesion, and enhanced communication between departments. Fun Games will integrate "fun" into the "team", focusing on individual dedication and collective collaboration. Among the sports events of various themed fun games, there are both collective events that test the spirit of teamwork and individual events that fully demonstrate personal style. All the departerment are join the sports meeting.Including manufacture dept,engineer dept,tooling dept,QC dept,market dept,after sale service dept,finance dept, administrative dept. It liberates everyone from the daily heavy work, allows everyone to completely release the pressure in the work, and fully enjoy the unlimited fun in life. Repression disappears in fun, confidence is strengthened in sports, understanding and communication are completed unconsciously, and collective strength is quietly gathered in infinite happiness. In the activities, wonderful scenes can be seen everywhere. The activities of each project are either lively, exciting, or full of fun. The participating team members forget the fatigue of work in the unrestrained laughter and are completely immersed in the infinite joy of fun sports.

  • Oceanwell Achieves ISO 14000 Environmental Certification
    Oceanwell Achieves ISO 14000 Environmental Certification
    • October 07, 2020

    Oceanwell(Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd has always prided itself in being a leading factory supplier of electronic bidet seat,toilet seat,cistern,other sanitary product and  has successfully won the international ISO 14000 environmental certification.The ISO 14000 certificate provides evidence that Oceanwell operates an environmental management system across the organization that meets the requirements established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Oceanwell reduce industrial waste,avoid the environmental damage and meet the sustainable development.

  • Oceanwell Won the Work Safety Standardization Certificate
    Oceanwell Won the Work Safety Standardization Certificate
    • September 18, 2020

    Work Safety is an important policy in China, which is related to the safety of people's lives, property, the whole situation of reform, and social stability. In order to further implement the enterprise main responsibilities of safe production and comprehensively promote the standardization of safe production, the State Administration of Work Safety issued the "Basic Norms for Work Safety Standardization. Work Safety Standardization of enterprise is detailed and tedious work, because the level of the safety management and information for the majority of our enterprise is not high, slow progress in the safety standardization. Safety Management Information System of Work Safety Standardization will make the work network and systematic, greatly enhance the security management level. Oceanwell(Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd. won the work safety Standardization certificate.and we will keep the safe control in the work and create a better production environment to our employees.Oceanwell will keep provide the OEM smart shower bidet toilet Dusch,produces the sanitary ware(E-Bidet Seats, Toilet seats,cabinet cistern,concealed cistern,traps,valve,and other plastic fitting),supply  to the world.

  • Oceanwell (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd won the honor of “green factory”
    Oceanwell (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd won the honor of “green factory”
    • August 18, 2020

    Oceanwell (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd won the honor of “green factory” As the professional manufacturer in the bidet seat,age care product,cistern,toilet seat and various spare parts for more than 16 years. Oceanwell implements the production strictly in accordance with the international production management and quality control standards. It has passed the ISO9001 international management system certification. This month,the Green Manufacturing list has been announced , bringing the good news Oceanwell(Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a member of green factories ! Green factory refers to the factory realized in land intensive, raw material harmless, production clean, waste resources, low carbon energy.According to the requirements ,the green factory should introduce life cycle theory under the premise of guaranteeing the production function ,quality and the occupational health and safety of the employees in the manufacturing process ,to satisfy the comprehensive evaluation requirements of infrastructure ,management system ,energy and resources input ,products ,environmental emission and environmental performance,to meet the requirements of comprehensive evaluation of infrastructure, management system, energy and resource input, products, environmental emissions and environmental performance.The main body of green manufacturing ,which belongs to the core support unit of green manufacturing system ,focus on the greenization of the production process ,with the characteristics of intensive use ,clean production ,waste resource ,low carbon energy and so on. .

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